Infinite Jest

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I finally finished Infinite Jest after way to long.  I started reading the first time shortly after it came out and lost speed about a third into it.  With Infinite Summer on Twitter last year I thought it would be a great time to start it again and actually keep up.  Well, that didn’t exactly last and it ended up on at work where I would read about a chapter a week at lunch.  Last week I was ill and the book was mostly done so I took it home and finished it off.

Now that it is done I am not sure how I feel.  Good I finally completed it.  Incomplete because the ending just kind of ended.  Nothing really was resolved in the plot lines.  The “entertainment” was never recovered.  Obviously the lack of a real ending is some post modern comment on entertainment in America.  Yeh yeh, I still want more.  David Foster Wallace is a genius.

All sarcasm aside it was a great read.