Why I bought a Chevy Volt

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Because I wanted a practical electric car.  That is the answer to the question of why.  I did all the calculations and at the end of the day the additional cost of the Volt does not save any money at current gas and electric prices for about 20 years.  I hope it lasts a long time but probably not that long so what I save at the pump doesn’t add up to what I pay at the dealer.

Some other reasons:

  • Saves energy: I leave a smaller carbon footprint.
  • No pollution (at point of use).
  • Green energy: yes, most of the electricity in NH is coal but I can pretend that my electrons come from hydro or solar or nuclear.
  • Not using imported oil is better for the economy and world stability.
  • Driving an electric car is wicked cool!  The Volt is very fast compared to other cars I have owned and quite unique and stylish right now.
  • This is the first US branded and made car I have owned (my Toyata minivan was made in the US but it Japanese branded).