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James Bond Words

surfeit styptic pencil fruit stones “Phensics” & “Eno’s” – Phensic tablets contain two active ingredients, aspirin and caffeine – Invecctor (p 65) embrocation aostemious      

Madrid vs Barcelona

No, not a soccer match up.  I just wanted to compare my experiences.  We spent about ten days in Barcelona and loved it.  We reduced the Madrid portion from three… Read more »

Places To Visit

General Awesome Site: Bars and Tapas in Barcelona Xampanyet C. Montcada 22 (Cava) Quarte Gats Pl. Montsio 3 Jamboree Pl Reial Casa Almirall C. Joaquim Costa 33 (Absiente)  … Read more »

Infinite Jest

I finally finished Infinite Jest after way to long.  I started reading the first time shortly after it came out and lost speed about a third into it.  With Infinite Summer… Read more »

Volt vs Prius

I traded in my2004 Prius for a 2012 Chevy Volt.  Here are some comparisons and differences between between them.  I am updating the article as I go along. At the… Read more »