The Henry Hanger Heritage Trail

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Nashua has been planning to attend the Heritage Rail Trail from Main Street to the Henry Hanger building. However the planning has been just 2 years away for at least 5 years. Recently I learned that a) they have the money and b) there is a problem with the land rights. I thought since the rail was still in use fairly recently the city would still have the right of way. Apparently that is not the case. Part of the trail was sold to make the Wendy’s drive through.

The offending parcel

The GIS info:

The property record.

The ROW is along the top blue line

So now we need to follow the transactions back to where the ROW was combined into this plot. Maybe looking at the adjacent ROW plot might help. It was sold in 2015 for $0

The adjacent ROW, presumably was split in 2015?

2 thoughts on “The Henry Hanger Heritage Trail

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  2. Johnathan Vail Post author

    To follow up with the properties It looks like the Wendys parcel was sold by B&M to a real estate trust in the 90’s which sold it to the Wendys owner in 2000. The rest of the ROW was sold to the city of Nashua more recently.

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