uConsole WiFi

The Clockwork Pi uConsole is a great little cyberdeck kit that can take several different CPU modules. But apparently there are some issues with the WiFi on it, especially with… Read more »

Flashing Flashlight Firmware

So I jumped in another rabbit hole with flashlights. Nothing new https://abload.de/img/lt1anduril26yjzf.png https://anduril.click/flashing/avrdude.html#updating https://launchpad.net/flashlight-firmware/trunk 1942 sudo apt-get install bzr1943 bzr branch lp:~toykeeper/flashlight-firmware/anduril2 1944 cd anduril2/ 1947 sudo apt-get install flex… Read more »

Idaho Stop

The Idaho Stop law in short allows cyclists to treat a red light as a stop sign and a stop sign as a yield. This allows the cyclists to pass… Read more »