Cyberboo: cyberdeck cafe cyberpet contest

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Pepper’s Ghost Cyber Pet

the is the meat. the SVG cut files are in the box. Audio files are in audio. gif files are in gif. in boo-converter is some scripts to convert animated GIFs into the right size and format and then split them apart to recompile into one BMP that the code displays a section of at a time to animate. Thanks to @james for the demo code. I had a lot of plans but the code is just a ghost rebrand of his Cuppa for Halloween party. I had originally planned to play audio but the dorky hiltec board had used the audio output pins so I got an Adafruit audio board and amp. I loaded that up with some spooky sounds and shipped it.

The box was a laser cut board with copper tape to hide the janky puzzle joints. The display is built in to the Hiltec board and attached to a middle panel with standoffs. I kind of shotgunned the optics a bit with a lens from “google cardboard” fitted in the middle panel and I curved the PET reflector material to make it a big larger. It is still tiny as expected and the overall look was to make a “tiny ghost in a box” with a steampunk vibe. And in the spirit of half-assery I also planned to laser engrave some designs on the box but never got around to it.

Overall while it it hasn’t yet reached it’s full glory it did make a fun little pepper’s ghost which is something I have wanted to do for a while. I call that a win.

the code and cut files are here:

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