Perun 2 Mini EDC Flashlight

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My EDC in the last few years has been the Convoy 2+ system. It is small and powerful with a large range of emitters, battery barrels, and accessories. I have the a couple different emitters for color temperature and a UV emitter with the optional visible filter. There’s 2 different clips and tail cap options including a ring magnet. However I found the magnet too weak to be useful for all orientations and using it prevents the screw on clip. It was less than ideal for a lot of EDC.

Convoy Magnet and clip, tail light screw clip, UV, short Barrel, Perun 2

Enter the Perun 2 I saw on a EDC video. What caught my eye was the right angle emitter, the clip and the magnet And even a RED night vision mode! So I got one to try and it is awesome! Compared to the Convoy 2 here are the pros and cons:

Previous EDC, Leo, Convoy, Perun, and the classic Mini Mag


  • About half the size of the Convoy.
  • Red mode
  • Multiple turn on modes: click to turn on to last power setting, long click for moon mode, double click for red mode
  • Comes with a head strap
  • The magnet is very powerful and useful
  • Charges the battery with a magnetic USB charger


  • More than twice the cost
  • Not was powerful
  • No ecosystem
  • The red mode has a slow SOS mode which isn’t very useful. I bike/walk blink mode would be a LOT more useful.

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