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Balsamo the Magician

Balsamo the Magician Alexandre Dumas

More of a short story I didn’t realize that Balsamo was a real person: Also the history of Madame du Barry: The book was short, or a long… Read more »

Don Juan Words

After reading the major works of Byron I went back and read Don Juan again as the most enjoyable and memorable of his works. I haven’t yet read any of… Read more »

James Fenimore Cooper

  On the list to research and read.  Referred from Lance Schachterle from WPI.    

Club Dumas I enjoyed the book especially for the Dumas connections and rare book world. The plot is interesting and moves along well although I didn’t enjoy the denouement. “Too much… Read more »

The Orientalist

 This was a gift and much better than I expected.  Basically the biography of Lev Nussimbaum, a rich Russian Jew who grew up in Baku before the Bolsheviks and as a… Read more »

boy snow bird

This was on my nook from my daughter.    Interesting start but geographically fanciful version of the Worcester area.    I wasn’t sure what to expect but a book about mixed… Read more »

Books From the 80s

Recorded in a journal:   Kafka The Trial 10/1/1986 Tao of Pooh 10/1/1986 Kafka The Castle 10/1/1986 Heinlin The Cat Who Walked Through Walls 1/1/1987 Camus The Stranger 2/1/1987 Gibson… Read more »

Homestuck Words

This isn’t a book but not sure what it really is at all but here’s some words: Captchalogue Sburb Fetch Modi Equip Sylladex Pesterchum