uConsole WiFi

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The Clockwork Pi uConsole is a great little cyberdeck kit that can take several different CPU modules. But apparently there are some issues with the WiFi on it, especially with the CM4 option. If you want the tldr you need to enable the external antenna in the /booy/config.txt file and do something about that sticker antenna.

# Switch to external antenna.

I was using a portable spectrum analyzer to measure relative strength. With both the internal antenna and the sticker antenna this was adequate to see a difference. For reference I used a beacon spam attack on a Marauder.

Opening the back of the deck and selecting the internal antenna appears to work better than the external sticker.

Others obviously are having similar issues and people are also making add on including for an external antenna mount here: https://www.printables.com/model/735257-uconsole-micro-antenna-02-mount

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