FPV Crossband Video Repeater

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The basic idea is to extend the range and effectiveness behind obstructions of FPV video for my smaller racing quads.    I use a tiny 1.3 GHZ transmitter on the quad and then a receiver mounted on a remote tripod.  I feed the composite video and audio into a small 200mW 5.8G transmitter with a helical antenna pointed back to where I am.  All powered from an XT60 lipo.


  • 5.8 helical antenna back to my flying location lets me use standard Fatshark goggles, etc.
  • Off the shelf components
  • Allows operation on the back side of hills.
  • Super tiny low power transmitter on the quad.
  • Analog video so virtually zero added latency.

It works great!  This was a test last year but I haven’t gone back to 1.3G after a rebuilt that 250X into a 180H frame.  It is still an “active” project where I plan on mounting things in a weather resistant box and including a UHF keychain remote control to activate and de activate it.



Blackbox video you can see the repeater and that I can fly behind the sand hill.  WIthout the repeater I couldn’t do that.



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