The metadata on that notebook is not safe

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Last night we watched the Fifth Estate, the Benedict Cumberbatch movie about Assange. In my dream I was helping him. I remember some of the snippets. One of them was he wanted to write something down for me so I gave him a notebook that I use and he remarked the metadata was not safe. I told him to just find a blank page and write anyway.

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I remember remarking at one time that I had worked with Stallman with the LPF and the main difference was there was no sense of actual danger with rms. Also in the dream was doing ham radio with the late w1oj. The thinking was the ham radio is probably the least secure way to communicate but also the lest likely to be monitored any more. Finally there was a scene of a yellow lake with a city on the other side.

[Update on publishing, when I went looking for an image of assange to use I found a photo with rms even!]



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