From: NPR   As Greenblatt describes it, Lucretius (borrowing from Democritus and others), says the universe is made of an infinite number of atoms … … moving randomly through space,… Read more »

Infinite Words

My word list from Infinite Jest  by David Foster Wallace (the words I looked up in the dictionary): sulcus 192 éclat 155 rutilant acutance 96 halation 97 carminative 103 prandial 191 reticulate… Read more »

What a Flea Looks Like

What a coincidence. Last week I was given a chance to see what a louse looks like. This week the cat gave me an opportunity to examine a flea. Because… Read more »

What a louse looks like

I was recently given the opportunity to see some lice and I took advantage to put them on a Intel QX3 Computer Microscope. I took some movies and photos of one… Read more »