Synchronize Synology Photo Station to Piwigo with rsync

Yes this is mostly to help me remember the command line but there’s a couple other tricks I need to remember too.  For context I use a Synology box for a local file server in the house and host a gallery of mostly family and friends photos and some videos of about 100G of data and 13,000 files.  I want to keep a complete backup copy in the cloud and piwigo is an excellent gallery tool with all the usual features.  It also lets you synchronize with the local files so that I can use rsync to keep my photos  up to date with the master at home.  I should post about it but I also really love the map plugin.

Compare my photo station with the replicated piwigo site.



pi@weatherpi:/photo $ sudo detox -vr *
Scanning: ETC
Scanning: Family
Scanning: FFI
Scanning: Geo
Scanning: index.php
Scanning: Life
Scanning: MakeIt
Scanning: Quixote
Scanning: steampunk
Scanning: t.b
Scanning: Trips
pi@weatherpi:/photo $


First the magic:

sudo rsync -avhK --exclude '@*'  --no-g --no-o --delete   photo > /var/services/homes/jvail/gal2.txt

Now the tricks.  First the photo station photos are in


And at the other end piwigo stores photos in galleries/ under it’s home path.  On Dreamhost this is ~/ for my site.  Next since we are using rsync source of ‘photo’ and synchronizing to ‘galleries’ I created a local symlink photo–>galleries and used the -K for rsync.

I want to replicate exactly and delete deleted or moved files I use –delete but make sure you get index.php onto the diskstation so it isn’t lost.

On the synology it seems to use files and directories starting with @ for meta files like thumbnails which I didn’t want to replicate on the external site:

--exclude '@*'

And finally when the rsync is complete don’t forget to to go into admin on the piwigo site and tell it to synchronize.

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