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My First 40

A QAZ Hull or Qull.  I put the dasher caps on it and as expected there’s no split space that works  It took a bit to figure out how to… Read more »

Don Juan Words

After reading the major works of Byron I went back and read Don Juan again as the most enjoyable and memorable of his works. I haven’t yet read any of… Read more »

Books From the 80s

Recorded in a journal:   Kafka The Trial 10/1/1986 Tao of Pooh 10/1/1986 Kafka The Castle 10/1/1986 Heinlin The Cat Who Walked Through Walls 1/1/1987 Camus The Stranger 2/1/1987 Gibson… Read more »

About is a tiny Raspberry Pi Linux computer. Currently it runs pyweather to connect my Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station to It also runs my tf mud client in… Read more »

Homestuck Words

This isn’t a book but not sure what it really is at all but here’s some words: Captchalogue Sburb Fetch Modi Equip Sylladex Pesterchum

Radiation, yes indeed!

There’s stuff being circulated on FB now about radiation levels from Fukushima increasing in the US and about the EPA (Obama!) raising their safety limit instead of dealing alerting people… Read more »