EDC 2023

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Left to Right:

Flipper Zero with Thicc Boi 9001 3d printed TPU case + carabiner, usually Roguemaster firmware.

Cutco folding lockback knife used as money clip (plus cash) Made in USA

Neodymium magnet, attached to the hinge pin of the pocket knife.

Convoy S2+ Nichia 219 with Biscotti driver and optional clip and illuminated switch (modified for lower current draw)

Watch du jour. Seiko 5 Field Watch Automatic with titanium case (discontinued?)

Pebble Time smartwatch with Rebble Alliance firmware.

Ulefone Armor 11 phone. IR emitter LEDs blocked with tape for passive use.

Pocket change represented with a silver Dogecoin

Travelers Company portable brass fountain pen (Japan), Diamine Oxblood cartridge.

Blank 3×5 index cards for note taking

(not shown: 128G dual USB/USB-C stick, 50GB encrypted Linux boot partition, ~70G FAT32)

This is really what I carry every day. I have a half dozen wrist watches I choose from each day about half quartz and half automatic. The flipper is usually with me in some capacity, often clipped to a belt loop as I use it as my RFID key at MakeIt Labs. You may notice there are no car keys or wallet. In the winter I usually keep those in my jacket (Belstaff Trialmaster most days) for driving and when the weather is good I mostly bicycle and don’t take a wallet or need keys. I mostly use cash or in a pinch I can use Google Pay. My house lock is Z-wave pushbutton Schlage lock so I don’t need a house key and the Volt is keyless so I just have the fob to carry on a split ring with a Tile, tritium tube, and SIM tool.

The magnet is a bit unusual but I have found it to be super handy for many tasks including holding small screws and reaching hard to get things (either tape to a stick or magnet to the tip of the pocket knife.

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